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The e-Rose Garden of Avramis Nurseries: Make the choice of your roses
Hybrid Tea Roses
Floribunda Roses
Roses for Hedges and short climbings.
Tall Climbers and Ramblers.
Patio Roses and Dwarf Polyantha Roses
Miniature Roses
Roses for Ground Cover
David Austin's ENGLISH ROSES
Old Roses
Standard Roses (trunk = 1m)
Weeping Standard Roses (trunk = 1m)
Mini Standard Roses (trunk = 50 - 60 cm)
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Welcome to the virtual rose garden of Avramis Roses Nurseries.
Besides our main collection of many attractive rose varieties you can find ideas to design your beautiful rose garden and useful advices for the rose culture. 
The new planting and sales season starts at the end of October; we can provide you with our roses until the 15th of April 2015.
All plants in your order should be bare - roots to avoid too high transport costs; dispathing bare - root roses is the safest way to obtain good results if you plant during the autumn and the winter, until early spring.
We are at your disposition for any information or advice every working day from 08.00 H to 15.00 H.
Carriage and packing
Carriage and packing
Orders of more than €150,00 send free of carriage and packing charges ...
<br> Shipping costs for delivery of roses in Europe and worldwide

Shipping costs for delivery of roses in Europe and worldwide
Out of Greece the charges are automatically calculated during the procedure of the order ... for deliveries mainly in the European Union as the do not contain border clearance fees...

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Carriage and packing

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